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Travel Tips : Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


grand canyon national parks powerful and
inspiring landscape overwhelms the
senses through its immense size it is
visited by millions of people every year
on the north side of this miles wide
expanse lies the much less accessible
North Rim
although visitation here is small when
compared to the South Rim the grandeur
and beauty is just as overwhelming
there are many spectacular overlooks
along the North Rim
but Bright Angel Point and the area near
the lodge is the center visitor activity
at this undiscovered side of the canyon
a refreshing new dimension awaits the
visitor with tall pines abundant
wildlife and a slower pace at the rims
edge the limestone is over 225 million
years old but down in the canyons inner
Gorge the dark walls are more than two
billion years old at Point Imperial the
most conspicuous landmark is Mount
Hayden shaped like a thumb it is
composed of hard sandstone
the north rims Grand Canyon Lodge offers
one of the most dramatic settings of any
hotel in the world perched on the very
rim of the vast Gorge
each year millions of people come to
visit the most astonishing landscape in
the world the Grand Canyon
as much as a mile deep 277 miles long
and up to 18 miles across it’s
breathtaking beauty and scope leave most
visitors inspired and overwhelmed about
65 million years ago forces within the
earth uplifted this area as the land
the raging Colorado River began the long
process of erosion that formed this
enormous Canyon today the river
continues its work while also providing
thrills for adventurous rafters
at Mile 53 high above the river the
ancient nanka wheat granaries are dated
to 1100 AD used to store crops these
granaries tell the story of the early
people in the canyon
a favorite way to reach the canyon is on
the grand canyon railway the journey
begins at Williams traveling sixty-five
miles to the Grand Canyon
the journey ends at the historic El
Tovar hotel it’s located in the village
the center visitor activity the El Tovar
opened its doors in 1905 and retains its
elegant Western charm
Condors can often be seen soaring off
the rim of the canyon in 1905
Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter designed and
created the Hopi house as a living
museum for the Hopi Native Americans one
of the more popular adventures is the
mule trip to the bottom of the gorge to
phantom ranch
near the east entrance the watchtower
gives us a final grand view of the Grand


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