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Honest guide you have to know about New York City

Hi, I will show you things you should know before coming here, New York City was actually a capital of the United States only for one year, and New York City is not the capital of New York State that would be Albany. I’m sure you heard this song about New York, it was actually composed by Frank Sinatra, Even though the city is very expensive, There are things...

Take the Staten Island Ferry

10 Free Things To Do on your First Trip to New York

Are you visiting New York City for the first time? In this post i’m going to share with you, 10 Free Things That you Can do on your first trip To New York. It costs so much money to come here To stay here But it really doesn’t have to be that expensive. Kayak the Hudson River: This may be my favorite free activity on the list Because not only do you get...

The worst tourist traps in New York City.

Welcome to New York City! There are tons of fun things to do here. However, there’s also tons of tourist traps. Today I’m going to show you the worst tourist traps in New York City. Let’s start with this one Times Square. The only good thing about Times Square is the Broadway shows. This is a massive tourist trap. Everything’s overpriced and...