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How much a day of life in San Francisco costs

Hey guys – welcome to Silicon Valley girl in this video I wanted to show you how much does it cost to live in one of the most expensive cities in the United States San Francisco so if you’re considering moving here this will be a really useful video

If you are coming as a tourist I’m gonna give you some really useful tips and if you’re just watching for fun you will find out what people have paid hundreds of dollars for every day in San Francisco if you’re interested let’s do it .

when I first came to San Francisco I thought that it wouldn’t be more expensive than Monaco because Monaco is considered the most expensive place in the world but every single day exists the day I arrived San Francisco broke the stereotype

Every morning starts with the same breakfast and I’ve had the same breakfast for almost 20 years it’s oatmeal with some strawberry honey and tea and this is the best breakfast because it’s very good for your health it’s a good foundation for the whole day second it’s really cheap and you can get it in any country so you go to your local supermarket get oatmeal get milk get strawberries and tea and then in San Francisco such rat fest will cost me around three four dollars and I would highly recommend even if you are a tourist you can do it at home so let’s have some breakfast

let’s go inside and grab a cup of black tea just a you know standard tea and see how much it costs in San Francisco in a cup Bergamo black tea it’s the bear very Gamow okay let’s see strawberry Norris marina.

I ended up getting a black strawberry tea and it cost me $4.25 cents there’s this blogger Gary Viva says once you buy a $5 coffee you’re spoiled I’m probably spoiled because I bought up for a dollar cup of black tea the most popular stores in America are called convenience stores and they’re called convenience because they’re conveniently located next to your house and this is where I go to buy a toothpaste and every tourist will come San Francisco who would need something for it you know bathroom will come here so let’s pick up a toothpaste picking this one costs $4 0.9 cents but don’t forget that in San Francisco we have around nine percent tax and we’re gonna find out about the amount of it at the cashier

Happy surprised the amount of tax is 35 cents housing is a serious problem in San Francisco and it really eats into your budget because just imagine people who work for Google Facebook who make $100,000 a year or even more even those people sometimes cannot afford to rent their own apartment so it’s really really common San Francisco to rent an apartment with somebody else so people rent a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom sometimes without a bathroom the price for the bedroom will be around $1,500 to $2,500 a month but a life hack in San Francisco’s this city has a lot of smart houses like the one that we’re in

it has your apartment it has three co-working space it has a gym it has a swimming pool it has a hot tub sometimes they serve free breakfast so there are so many things that you can save on living in such buildings and an ensuite bedroom in a shared apartment in this building would cost you around $2,500 a month so around 80 to 90 dollars per day 

if you are an American coming to San Francisco with your local SIM card it’s gonna work here if you’re a coroner I would highly highly highly recommend getting a local SIM card unless you have like a worldwide data or something so when we came here on budget and I came to t-mobile store and asked them what kind of plans do you have they were like $40 a month $60 a month and we were on a really really low budget so they have this plan where you pay $3 a week everything is paid like you have to pay for every incoming text you have to pay for every incoming call but those $3 a week you get one gigabyte of data and I was trying to say that data for the whole week but it really helped me also have thank you t-mobile for this low price and highly recommend it if you’re in budget come and get that 1s for me right now I have a plan that has international data so if they around $100 a month so basically I made $3 a day but you don’t have smooth

we’re gonna grab dinner in one of the most famous restaurants in the world very American so you have to do that in America we are in McDonald’s taking the third best seller the Big Mac meal and yeah let’s see how much it costs here and let’s try and taste it because I know McDonald’s is always different

And the total is $10 82 cents fun fact I didn’t really want to eat in McDonald’s I just wanted to this social thing show you how much it costs but they brought the food and it smells so good I actually have a friend who works for a scent company here in San Francisco and they do different scents for a different shop you know that when you buy a new car and you have this wonderful smell of a new car this is actually sprayed this is not because it’s new leather this is not because it’s a new car it’s because they spray something special it makes you feel this luxury of the new car same for McDonald’s they have this special scent that they spray here and you come in and you want to eat you want to buy more same for the supermarket sometimes they spray the Sun that makes you buy oh this is awesome like this works so yeah let’s try the American McDonald’s okay like this video if you just realize how much you actually want to go to McDonald’s and have a Big Mac while watching this video 

the next most expensive thing in San Francisco is buying groceries we’re going into Amazon go today so my estimate is that it’s and around $50 every time I go to a grocery store and I go there three times a week and I have a husband so it’s for two people so the one person’s gonna be around $75 a week just buying groceries and I also eat out so in a month it’s gonna be around $300 and you might ask me Marina everything is so expensive why is so San Francisco because today they just opened an Amazon go the shop that has no I can’t sure is nothing no people you just come grab and go everything is in the app this is why I like all of the innovations happening here at Google Facebook all of the apps they use they will probably be here in San Francisco and this is what keeps me in the city you know the first thing my friend asked me when we walked in here he’s helping me issue this blog he’s like what happens if I just you know cover something and just take it with this system recognize because the system works in a way that there are hundreds of cameras above me and they tracked every single movement and they can recognize the picture and they can recognize something that I’m taking product and then it’s gonna bill me automatically social experiment Amazon go who is more clever me or Amazon okay that’s a really small thing we had this game in Russia [Applause] [Applause] did I take it you don’t know I don’t know is it there I don’t know maybe it’s still here maybe I’m putting it back nobody knows what is this age I’m gonna tell you who woke up there’s go to everything they spotted me taking those pills I don’t understand how they do that cuz I was hiding them so well between my hands and then I put them into the pocket so no one could see that my guess is maybe they have something installed on the Shelf itself so can I wait what was there and what is left after well Hamazon go really good the next thing that’s really really expensive in San Francisco is health insurance and because I have my own company and my company base my insurance it’s the same thing as if I pay for my own insurance so I’m paying around $400 a month and it’s not that insurance that covers everything the one like I had in Germany where I paid forty years and it didn’t have to pay for anything else in my case here I pay $400 in the NEB a copay every time I visit a doctor and it can be from $15 to like 300 if they do some procedures yes massage is included in the core base like $15 per massage acupuncture is included but if you’re a tourist here if you’re not from America I would highly recommend just to get a health insurance in your own and you can use it even if you have

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