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13 places to eat in New York City

hey guys Matt Owen I’m here in New York
City famous for Broadway theater an
iconic skyline that awesome summery hot
garbage smell and quite possibly the
best but certainly the most varied and
plentiful food of anywhere in the face
so come along with me as i show you my
13 must it places to eat in the Big
Apple interesting fact New York is
called the Big Apple because it’s shaped
exactly like a Granny Smith can being
told we cannot verify that last
[Music]so seeing as this is New York let’s
start this little food journey with
something so iconic Lee New York it’s
almost synonymous with the city itself
first up the Farah and say this place is
out of the way is putting it through
lightly take the Q train about half way
to Coney Island get off at Avenue J in
Brooklyn and you end up at the farm and
no frills little joint where the weight
can be over an hour the ambience is
about as simple as it gets
but the pizza very well may be the
greatest intra-city the owner dum de
Marco has been making pizza here for
over 50 years and it shows you basically
have two main options for your style of
pizza square or regular there are a
bunch of different options for toppings
but I always go with the simple playing
slice greasy cheesy perfection when the
generous portion of fresh basil snips
with scissors over the top the allure of
this place lies in a history its
simplicity but most importantly it’s
beyond perfect time now I’m not going to
say that’s the best people in the world
because not going to possibly know that
but I’m not not going to say it’s the
best piece
world unreal just old-school classic
perfect delicious this is New York at
its finest
next up whereas the Farah is as
old-school as it gets
my next two pieces are new school
Frannie’s and Brooklyn serves up a bunch
of fantastic pizzas incredible crust
meticulously sourced ingredients the
perfect balance of toppings to do my
personal favorite of the tomato sausage
and fjord allot a simple sausage II
tasted cannot go wrong the third piece
of place is Martha another quote-unquote
new school place the pizza here’s wood
fire roasted thin crust sitting crispy
reminiscent of the pizza I’ve had in
I love the basic but beyond creamy
stracciatella and the funghi pizza a
mushroom lovers personal little round
piece of heaven this place also has one
of the top affordable wine lists in the
city eat drink and be merry another New
York staple is big bagel and for that I
have two favorite spots in the city in
my humble opinion absolute bagels on 117
Broadway to have the greatest bagels on
the planet when I lived in New York City
this was my stop I couldn’t count the
amount of times I’ve eaten one of these
doughy Warner’s I’ve been coming here
for 12 years when I first graduated
college and moved to New York City this
is the first meal I had in New York City
and I just keep coming back I get the
onion bagel with the salmon and chive
cream cheese I could not possibly
recommend anything more it’s heaven it’s
just it’s just a bet everybody
[Music]this is the perfect piece of forest the
bagels themselves are crispy on the
outside and toast and chewy on the
middle cream cheese is amazing to make
all the cream cheese in house and
they’re the friendliest people you will
read anywhere every time I come here it
feels like coming home coming here it is
Mabel or I will be very disappointed in
you the next place to get a bagel is a
slightly more upscale and trendy but
equally fantastic Jewish deli flash
restaurant called the Russian dollars
the most popular option is probably Nova
Scotia LOX on a bagel I’d say be a
little different
get the smoked Scottish salmon on a
bialy Abbey Ollie is very similar to a
bagel but quite possibly even better I
usually come here for breakfast and
brunch and while there may be a bit of a
wait this place is as good as it gets
[Music]and while we’re on the subject of brunch
let’s talk about the brunch at Osteria
Morini and Soho this place is a
mid-range joint offering up dishes from
the famed Emilia Romagna region of Italy
and while everything on the menu is
incredible my favorite thing here is the
giant raviolo on the brunch menu a
skillfully handmade raviolo stuffed with
ricotta and an egg yolk and tossed and
brown butter this is one of the sexiest
things I’ve eaten in my life just
talking about it as making my mouth
next up let’s hit some amazing Chinese
food Shan famous foods the food will
hole-in-the-wall place is a bunch of
location so just pick the one closest to
where you’re staying and indulge in some
of the best noodles I’ve had in the
they hand pulled them to order and I
cannot begin to describe how delectable
they are my favorite dishes of the n1 a
plate of spicy cumin lamb noodles and
the n9 the slightly sweet pork noodles
hand hold now those are so good
also the stewed pork and spicy cumin
lamb burgers are awesome too every time
I step off the plane in New York this is
probably the first place I eat it is
just plain reducted it I have a great
spot for Asian food albeit from an
entirely different countries cuisine in
this case Japanese is taro ramen this
place is just special a little basement
hideaway where the wait times can be
long it is always forth the way with the
French eats itself by using chicken
broth instead of the traditional pork
broth of most ramen places a ramen is
salty spicy rich with flavor the noodles
are excellent this is just some of the
best ramen I’ve had outside of Tokyo God
Mos Eisley amazing how pepper was never
to as delicious the next few
places on this list are newer to me but
they were all so damn good I had to come
back for more let’s start off with a
charming little spot called cannibal as
the name would suggest this is not a
vegetarian restaurant a little place
fishing up some of the best off the cut
charcuterie in Manhattan rad homemade
sausages and one of my single favorite
little plates of food in the city the
lamb heart tartare this dish is in it’s
amazing oh my god that’s good mmm so
hearty also the ambiance is fantastic
they have a little covered garden out
back and the craft beer and cider list
is more than impressive next up is a
newer restaurant I actually just ate
here on their two-year anniversary while
there this has got to be one of the best
new restaurants in the city everything I
had here was nothing short of
spectacular but if there’s one must eat
thing on the menu
it’s the fried squid and lemon with
squid ink al ly holy mother of god this
dish is profoundly memorable the scallop
crudo is also awesome the clams were so
good and the desserts were to die for
come here you will thank me later
I accept thank using the form of PayPal
venmo or fried squid with squid ain’t
gay Olie next up Coast name a high-end
Mexican restaurant the flavors here are
as authentic as they are delicious
recently voted one of the top 50
restaurants in the world
it absolutely lives up to the hype it’s
a little spending than most of the
places on this list but not outrageous
especially given the quality of their
products the attention to detail the
beautiful ambiance and the plain old
deliciousness of the food everything we
had was amazing the cobia out Pastore is
a must the pork was in
tender and the pineapple puree was
unlike anything I’ve ever eat we also
tried the soft-shell crab and a green
moly that we even make people from
Oaxaca raisin impress I browned yep yes
yes this was a memorable meal that I
won’t soon forget my favorite part about
this meal is the one of the top 50
restaurants in the world just gave me
crap and finally we close our tour back
where we started
in Brooklyn the Commodore is an
unassuming little dive bar in
Williamsburg it doesn’t even have a sign
and you know what it doesn’t need one
it’s been there forever and they make
probably the best fried chicken sandwich
I’ve ever had it’s quite literally a
perfect sandwich they also serve one of
my favorite drinks in the city I don’t
know what it’s called but it’s a Bloody
Mary chop penne it’s basically a shot of
tequila lime juice and Bloody Mary Mix
throw them back and chow down on the
delicious artery-clogging magical had to
have been made by wizards fried goodness
oh god that is so good
that is almost as good as the mood
lighting in here our final stop on this
little food journey is more of a place
to grab a drink but it’s so awesome I
had to include it on the list the
rooftop bar at the White Hotel in
Williamsburg has two great drinks but
most importantly one of the best views
of Manhattan from anywhere in the city
grab a cocktail pull up a section a bar
or just hang out on the patio and take
in this incredible beautiful and
wonderful city and remember folks it’s
New York women go on don’t sleep rule
number two don’t stop
[Music]happy even my friends thanks so much for
if you liked the video make sure to
subscribe and if my left off your
favorite pizza place and you’re really
upset about it subscribe anyway and tell
me why also I realized I have just
barely scratched the surface of all the
amazing places NYC has to offer so I’d
love to hear your favorite places in the
comments below look forward to seeing
you soon from somewhere else in the
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