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10 crazy activities to do in New York City

Mahfouz Ali

By its grandeur, its originality and its extravagance, New York is definitely not a city like the others. Which is why I will not mention in this article the usual and unavoidable tourist spots (Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Times Square…) instead I will talk about original and/or unusual activities to do absolutely which will make your journey unique and unforgettable.

#1 – Air Transport – Manhattan in a Limousine

Manhattan in a Limousine

Manhattan in a Limousine

What is better than to start your holidays in New York with a bang? After a long journey in your plane (which is not always the most comfortable), you will have a great pleasure to sit in a really soft leather seat and to be driven to your hotel without moving an inch from your finger. The plus: seeing for the first time the skyscrapers in Manhattan through the windows of your limousine is almost magical and will stay in your memories forever. Budget: starting from 40€
Booking: we chose Viator.com which lists almost every activity and excursion to do in NY at a reasonable price.

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